It was a very relaxing time.

One by one, there’s an increase in the number of settlements.

It’s painful and tiring, so I get irritated.

My boyfriend who’s been whining about me for a lot of times.

It must have been so hard. I booked a Gimpo Massage Shop.

I’ve been there because you wanted to go with me.

You know, the pain and the pain of your hands.

I fell in love with your smoothness.

They’re both lids, so they’re healing footshop.

I had to take the subway, and the bridge was really…

I didn’t want to walk a lot because I was so busy.

But when I came out of exit 1, it was right in front of me.

It’s comfortable and nice. I’m on the second floor, so I’ll be right back.

I also liked the fact that I could go up.

Turns out, this is Gimpo Massage.

It was a pain and health care center.

Every day in front of the store, to prevent corona,

It says they’re disinfected.

I think I was a little relieved.

It was a quiet atmosphere because it was a reservation system.

These days, when there’s a lot of people inside, you start to worry.

I’ve been looking ahead, and I’ve been trying to get a reservation.

I’ve been looking for it, but my boyfriend knows it.

Thank you for making a reservation for me again.

The status of reservations before receiving Gimpo Couple Massage.

While we wait a moment to check, we’ll be inside the store.

When I looked around, I found that a professional-trained janitor

We operate a resident and sound health care center.

I noticed that there was one.

So I looked it up later, and one of the reviews was…

There were so many people. In terms of skills.

It’s solid, and in a healthy shop,

I think a lot of people prefer it.

Hand sanitize, confirm your reservation.

I’ve got a thorough list of visitors and a management program.

I took a look. Now that I think about it,

Professional trained teachers at Gimpo Massage Shop,

They’re taking care of me, but I thought it was really cheap.

To decide on a program and change clothes.

I was guided to the fitting room.

There was only what was needed neatly.

Honestly, when you go to the bathroom, there’s skin lotion there.

There are few people who use it. Dryer and disinfectant

I thought it would be perfect to have this much.

Gowns were prepared for each size.

You’re not giving it out outside, you’re right.

It’s comfortable to choose and wear.

Women, in particular, are sensitive to their size.

I think it’s good to choose and wear it yourself.

Gimpo Massage Healthcare Center Shower Room

You have everything you need meticulously.

We also had body wash and shampoo.

Of all the people who get oil care,

I think it’s because there are people who wash it off.

It’s a nice oil on top of everything’

I heard it’s better to wait until it’s absorbed.

He showed me to the foot bath room after I changed my clothes.

From wooden chairs and foot baths.

It was filled with a nice scent like I came to the forest.

And even though it’s spacious, I get it by reservation.

I think I was excited because it was just me and my boyfriend.

It was big enough for an adult man to put his feet in.

It’s a bath bomb, so the water’s colorful.

It was waving beautifully. The temperature’s reasonable.

I’m just dipping my feet.

I felt like my fatigue was being relieved.

They’re sitting side by side, relieving their fatigue.

The manager prepared a welcome tea for me.

It was like puer tea!

Put your feet in warm water and have a cup of tea.

I can’t believe I can enjoy drinking.

There’s something you think is paradise?

Now I’m going to the room to get Gimpo Couple Massages.

I walked down the hall to get there.

As you can see, the floor is glossy.

It’s clean, and it’s not noisy around.

I think I can come alone and take a good rest.

For those of you who actually come and receive it alone,

I heard there’s a lot. There’s a sleeping room.

People who are tired of working overtime are going home.

It’s too much for you to come here and take a break.

I thought I might be able to go.

It’s a two-person room we used.

It’s my first time here, so I was a little nervous.

The Gimpo Massage manager smiled and smiled step by step.

So that I can be comfortable as I begin.

Thanks to you, I was able to concentrate on the program gradually.

I think it’s because your face touches the bed.

I’m worried about the hygiene.

When the Gimpo Massage managers came in, they put in a disposable sheet.

You don’t have to worry because you put it on top.

On a bed that’s hot and warm.

I’m just happy to lie down.

You untie the clumps with your hands.

I could hear the sound of my moaning.

You’re working with a lot of pressure on the back of your neck.

To the shoulders that were constantly tense.

The calm touch you’re making.

It’s soft, but with as much pressure as you need.

I felt it, and it was really cool.

My legs have been swollen a lot lately.

When I lie down for a little night’s sleep, my swollen legs…

It was painful, but you pressed it hard.

It’s circulating, and that’s the night.

I was able to 일문공 fall into a deep breath like honey.

It was a very touching Gimpo Massage time.

Adjust the strength and weakness, not just soft.

When you have to let go, you let go of your hands.

I think it’s possible because you have a lot of experience.

Even if I don’t have to tell you.

They catch what they need.

It was a very relaxing time.

Maybe it’s because the muscles are loosened.

I’ve been feeling better, and I’ve never felt better.

I think you should come to Gimpo Massage often.

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