Don’t hesitate to call me. I’d like to counsel you kindly.

In consultation,

Some people come just to see mixed martial arts or jujitsu.

Most of the time there is a need.

First to weight control, second to be strong…

I can’t put it bluntly.

Because society’s so brutal, the world’s so bad, you’re so weak, and so on.

There’s a lot to be said for.

I mean, I want to be strong.

Human beings have lived from the beginning to the present through struggle.

I’ve been fighting for so many years.

In our bodies, there are people who want to win a fight.

I don’t think we can deny that we have instincts and desires.

Sports is a representative thing that relieves that desire.

And I think it’s a game.

It’s a sport, but in the end,

It’s a good way to change the word for fight.

Adults and young people want to be good at fighting.

He wants to win the fight.

I don’t defend them, I don’t blame them.

You’re the one who doesn’t want to be assaulted.

It’s a natural psychology.

The main building of Sinchon Jitsu is not a one-style exercise.

Whether you’re a good fist or a good kick or a weapon…

It’s a martial art that allows you to be flexible against any opponent.

It’s a game of martial arts that brings together the best in each sport.

It’s literally a real mixed martial arts stamp.

The main building of Sinchon Jitsu is for the 주짓수 general public and beginners.

We are conducting classes that are not difficult or burdensome.

I mean, any child can copy, even a woman.

It’s a program that anyone can enjoy.

Don’t hesitate to call me. I’d like to counsel you kindly.

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