It is not illegal without traces because it distributes files and downloads them.

He introduced Basic in a coin-related posting last week.
I was expecting a rise over the weekend, but it continued to rise beyond the weekend until today.
It showed a rise of about 100 percent on a high-point basis.

It’s already gone up a lot, so don’t look back on risk management.
I’ll look at it for less than 10 won.

I like BitTorrent for now.

BitTorrent was listed at about 1 won at the time of its listing, but once it rose to more than 3 won.
After that, for over a year, he crossed the line under 0.5 won.
It has risen about 1,000 percent from a low in just two months since February.
BitTorrent Wolbong Chart
Then you can say that the coin has gone up as high as it can go.
Of course it could be. But…
BitTorrent Main Bon Chart
Even in stocks, when a sharp stock breaks through the ceiling, it rises without knowing where the end is.

If you look at BitTorrent’s one-pay chart, you’ll see the historical high of 3.4 won.
It broke through just two weeks ago and is currently undergoing two weeks of pressure adjustment.
It seems that the width of the adjustment is not deep, but rather it is strengthening by raising the low point.

On the chart alone, if the price exceeds 4.9 to 5 won by this Thursday night,
There is a high possibility of a big jump this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weekend.
(The reason is because stock addicts flock to the coin market on weekends.)

Meanwhile, it is also necessary to look at the value of BitTorrent coins themselves.
Torrent knows that when he illegally downloads software, boogers, etc.,
It is very useful software.
The Torrent program does not download files from one server.
It is a method of dividing files stored on multiple users’ PCs and receiving them.
It is not illegal without traces because it distributes files and downloads them.

The two major mountain ranges of the Torrent program are uTorrent and BitTorrent.
BitTorrent is, of course, a coin related to BitTorrent.
BitTorrent has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide.
Torrents are good for users when they download them for free.
On the contrary, when you’re providing your files to others,
You are reluctant to participate in the act of opening a PC because it is annoying or uncomfortable.

BitTorrent Coin is an incentive to overcome this.
It’s a reward for those who work hard to share their files.
It is said that using this will speed up the down speed.
In addition, now that it is listed on the Coin Exchange, you can get compensation 토렌트 with money.

BitTorrent’s market capitalization is now about 4 trillion won, a massive amount……
Well, given the fact that Bitcoin is worth 1,234 trillion won right now,
It can be said that there is still room for improvement.
In addition, the liquidity is no joke these days due to the overflow of currency around the world.
One year ago, the amount of money and the value of money are very different from now. You have to change your perception of money.

So first of all, if BitTorrent goes over 5 won on Thursday or Friday morning,
I will follow you unconditionally, but I honestly don’t know the target price.
If you earn enough, you’ll get it.
Also, there’s another coin event that I’m paying attention to for this weekend.
It is “The Midas Sturchgold.”

According to The Midas Sturchgold’s one-pay chart, it hasn’t given a big market price recently.
Although it has recently risen 100 percent from its low point, 100 percent is not a big jump in the coin market.

If you look at the daily wage chart in large scale, it will be Derma around October last year.Stutch gold was about 40 won.
However, even though it has plummeted to 4 won and bounced back more than 100 percent, it still costs only 9 won.

If you look at the chart bigger, it’s a dummy.Stutch gold once rose to about 100 won.
Dermida Sturchgold Joobong and Wolbong Chart
It is clear from the main and monthly salaries that the current status is at the bottom.
It is not a place to worry about falling, but about how far we can go up.

If the previous high of 13 won is strongly exceeded, it could rise to 20 won.

I’m going to finish the technical analysis here.
Let’s take a look at what The Midas Research Gold is like.
The Midas Research Gold is designed to exchange gold worldwide.
It is called DGE (Digital Gold Exchange), a platform.
It seems to be a substantial coin since it also signed a gold transaction contract with the Korea Gold Exchange in February 2018.

Well, first of all, I like that you’re pursuing something offline.
What’s better is that it is still a small coin with a market capitalization of 70 billion won.
The small market capitalization can be easily pumped if the operational forces are willing.

Dermida Sturchgold’s chart doesn’t look like she’s in a hurry.
I don’t know when it’s going to be big, but if you decide to send it,
I think it is a coin that can be raised to a historical high of 100 won and become a Tenbeger.

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