All users can extend the loan.

Hello, I think there are many people who are burdened with rent or monthly rent these days. I can’t help but think about real estate loans if I have to move quickly or become independent at an unexpected moment. There is a Kakao Bank product that I can recommend to these people. So today, we will have a time to find out about the terms and qualifications of Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit.
It is an Internet-specialized bank that was launched after K-Bank, which was a representative bank. We don’t operate in a branch, but we can run loans as well as all the usual banking operations online. Many users like it because it is possible to deposit and withdraw money without any commission. The downside is that overseas payment and transportation card functions are not possible. Except for these two shortcomings, anyone with a cell phone in their name can open it.

What is Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit loan?

Before you learn about the 비대면폰테크 terms of the Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit loan, this loan can be divided into general and youth types. Both are for the purpose of jeonse deposits and monthly rent loans, but in general types, the level of income allowed is slightly higher than that of young people, and the age limit is wider for Koreans aged 19 or older. In addition, young people can use it even if they have no income compared to the general type that needs to have income.

Qualification for the loan of Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit

1. Loan To

£ General type (loan for monthly rent deposit)

– It should be a Korean citizen who is 19 years old.

– Must be an office worker or businessman who has been in the current workplace for at least a year.

– Both couples must not have any housing in their possession.

– If a couple has a house, their annual income should be less than 100 million won, and the price of the house they have should not exceed 900 million won.

– If you take an apartment in a speculation area or overheated speculation area after July 10, 2020, you will not be eligible.

£ Youth type (loan on the deposit of the previous month)

– Must be a Korean citizen between 19 and 34 years of age.

– You can do it even if you’re an office worker, business operator, or unemployed person.

– There should not be a house owned by both couples.

– Married people should not earn more than 70 million won including their spouses.

2. Targeted housing

All registered houses are included in the target houses. This includes everything including apartments, row houses, multi-family homes, and residential officetels.

Terms and conditions of the previous month’s rent deposit at Kakao Bank

Then let’s look at the terms and conditions of Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit, such as the loan limit and interest rate.

1. Loan Limit

The loan limit will also be divided into general and youth types, and in the case of general types, up to 80% of the lease deposit can be made and up to 222 million won can be made. Young people can get up to 90% of the lease deposit and the total loan limit is up to 70 million won. Loan limits may vary depending on your creditworthiness and other requirements.

2. Loan Interest Rate

The loan rate is calculated as a limited interest rate after combining the base rate and the additional interest rate, which is also applied differently between the general and youth interest rates.

£ General type: 2.027% minimum per year – 3.412% maximum per year

£ Youth type: 1.871% minimum per year – 2.01% maximum per year

3. Overdue interest rate

If normal repayment is not achieved, the overdue interest rate will also be applied, if the loan rate is + 3% per year, and if the interest rate is over 15% per year, the loan rate + 2% per year will be applied.

4. Loan term and repayment method

The loan period is from one to three years, and during the period of use, only interest is paid and the balance is repaid when the maturity date arrives. However, there is no prepayment fee, so if you get a lump sum of money while using it, you can always repay it comfortably.

5. Loan Extension

£ General type: All users can extend the loan.

£ Younger brother

– If you are under the age of 34, you can extend it within 3 years depending on the contract period.

– If you are over 35 years old, you can extend it only once within 3 years depending on the contract period.
So today, we had a time to find out about the terms and qualifications of Kakao Bank’s monthly rent deposit.

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