The video is much more real than the picture.

The luxury brand is also a revolving door.

Sometimes Chanel, sometimes Gucci, sometimes Dior.

I’ll take Louis Vuitton for a second.

Like the revolving doors of those three brands?

Gucci is the winner this winter.

I bought four this winter in Gucci alone.

One of them is a must-have item for winter!

This is a muffler, a must-have winter fashion item.

Luxury brands are all launching mufflers.

Gucci is the most accessible.

And the color and pattern were pulled out well so that it wasn’t old.

Gucci GG Jacquard Wool Scarf 570,000 won (3 colors)

Up there. A little more steady, permanent.

It’s a classic design.

The bottom one is a pretty cute dress worn by people in their 20s.

It’s a style design.

My taste? Yes. It’s classical.

A more gentle style than a cute 레플리카 one.

She looks better on me.

Of course, it’s black. / Ivory.

I’m a monotone, monochrome lover.

than the photos posted on the website.

It’s much prettier to see it in person at the store.
It’s hard to capture the feeling of metal death in a photograph.

It catches the sparkle flat.

It’s brilliant. It’s brilliant.

The Gucci muffler, which is more practical because it’s Riversable.

Louis Vuitton’s got the Riversible muffler.

570,000 won for Gucci and 750,000 won for Louis Vuitton.

The price is reversible.

And I saw a really pretty muffler in Chanel.

It’s wool, so it’s over 300… crying

Well, I think Gucci is still my punishment.

Our seller who always takes care of this and that.

December is the Christmas season, like that.

I gave him icing cookies with brand colors.
Gucci muffler is…

I’d like a flat case to pack it.
It’s got a tag, a care bell, and so on it.

Before you put on the care bell,

Rub it gently with a knife and take it off.

Just leave the branding label below.

I can’t take a picture of this.

You look much prettier in person.
You know, he’s got a little bit of a luxury brand on his face.

The price is also accessible.

I think it’s a good gift.

You saw the video of the removal haul, you saw it in person.

You said you’d go buy it as a gift for your mom?

What’s up?
So as soon as I uploaded the video in the morning,

I went to Galbaek again to buy my mom’s gift muffler.

(New Year’s Day gift)

Black. / Ivory. I’ll be back in mid-December.

I already bought the last piece.

The only thing left was the display.

There were brown and pink.

Black / Ivory

There’s a hole in the hole.

Well. I bought it because it doesn’t look that big when I wear it.

Your mother-in-law doesn’t fit in with you. by doing

My mom is a woman who looks good in Brown Beige.

Brown beige. I made a thorough purchase.
I bought three Gucci mufflers this winter.

Anyway, it’s good to get a muffler as a gift!

It’s pretty for me to wear.


The video is much more real than the picture.

Come and watch the video review.

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