Find a good home tie place in Gangnam and decide

I guess I’ve been overdoing my work.

Furthermore, the weather is getting cold.

I felt like my body was getting stiff.

So, this time, I’m going to do it right.

I want to relieve my fatigue, so I’m going on a business trip in Gangnam.

I found out where I was good place.

Among them, there is a place called Koala.

I got to use it.

I like aromas, and I like to get a massage.

I like it, but I’ve used it before.

I wasn’t very satisfied.

So I’m going to find him myself.

I’ve never seen a shop that’s only available to women can use it.

I’m visiting.

First of all, I chose this place because…

It’s a place that only women use.

You don’t have to worry about other people’s eyes.

It was a mole.

I don’t care about this. I don’t care about any shop.

I used to use it, and every time, there were male guests,

She’s here, and she’s walking around in a gown.

I could see the difference.

I’m embarrassed, and I have to keep caring.

I feel like I’m building up more and more tired.

That’s why I chose Home tie shop:)

The first time you get into the shop,

A male employee will guide you.

I was wondering if he was just an usher.

I was thinking,

Turns out, the women-only business trip that I’ve been looking for

Male caregivers take care of it themselves.

I didn’t recognize this.

At first, what?! I was surprised when I opened my eyes.

He’s so popular that he calms down his embarrassment.

I was sitting on the sofa waiting.

Of course, even if you had known it beforehand,

You wouldn’t have panicked, but now that I think about it,

It was so funny.

My favorite aroma is usually

It’s normal to take off your gown and get care.

I thought it was done by female managers.

Of course, the previous ones were female managers.

But the system here is different.

It’s embarrassing at first, and I don’t know what to do with this.

I was embarrassed, but it was only for a while.

At first, the staff told me about the system.

He kindly explained it to me.

I don’t know if I was thinking about something else.

I don’t remember very well. crying

I think you should concentrate at times like this.

It’s time for me to take care of the bed.

I lie down.

Until I lie down, I’ll have to go somewhere else.

You’re watching.

Cover your body with a long towel.

But it turns out he’s covered.

It’s not like I’m showing my body. It’s just a massage.

You just have to answer well.

Not only that, but also like a women’s business trip massage shop.

The janitor touches me in a bad way.

There’s nothing like that.

He’s been so delicate, he’s been relaxing his muscles.

It was so cool.

I don’t have a 마사지 lot, but I’ve got a lot of different types.

I’ve had a massage before.

But I like aroma especially because it’s soft.

I think it fits me better.

People who like to be strong, like sports.

You like it, but I don’t like sports.

I’ve decided that it fits well with Aroma:)

That’s why at first, I was like,

Aroma has to be soft, so it’s delicate.

It’s necessary, but I wonder if the management staff will do a good job.

I was worried, too.

But it was a big mistake for me.

It’s more than the way we’ve been given it.

You’ve made it more delicate and softer.

I felt that my fatigue was going well.

Gangnam Women’s Travel Massage Shop

There is also a separate shower room.

So if I’m gonna take a shower before I get a massage,

They’re asking.

If you’ve been out there,

You can take a shower in advance.

I came straight from home, so I didn’t have to take a shower.

I didn’t have to.

And Aroma doesn’t take a shower.

It makes me feel better!

I purposely don’t let it soak in your skin. Haha

I’ve been so delicate with the aromas.

It was my first time, so I was very satisfied.

So far, we’ve settled somewhere.

I’ve never been to a shop before.

I don’t think I need to do that anymore.

I think I’ve come across a shop where I can settle down:)

I’m going home after all this care.

I think the swelling on my face is gone, too.

Your swollen legs at work are slim.

I think it fell out.

That’s how good your blood circulation is and you’re tired.

I was proud that it worked out.

It’s a shop that runs on a special system with other shops.

People who don’t know can be as embarrassed as I am,

Because it’s so much merit.

I think the satisfaction level will be much better:)

What’s good about the Gangnam Women’s Travel Massage?

High quality in Seoul, Gyeonggi Province, and Incheon 24 hours a.m.

That you can get therapy!

So it’s perfect for women who don’t have time!

How is it?

It relieves stress from exhausting daily life.

That’s a good way to give your skin a boost:)

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