I could receive it comfortably because my face didn’t hurt even though I was lying down for a long time.

Now, with the Corona three stages ahead,

I’ve been at home all day, feeling insecure.

I think I’m getting depressed, and I’m feeling depressed.

I felt dazed and had a hard time in many ways.

The only way to relieve your fatigue is through the massages of Gumi Massage.

It was about getting it, but I think the body’s going to get it.

I refrained from doing it because it was a matter of contact.

You know, I don’t usually have enough membership.

I liked to be in charge, but I felt sorry for it.

I used to keep listening to it.

Any place that cleans up disinfection and quarantine,

I thought it would be okay.

I found out through an Internet search.

And then I found a place called The Healing Shop.

I found it. In case of Corona.

It’s a place where you care about hygiene.

I got to know him and visited him.

I walked near my house.

The parking facilities are well-equipped.

I don’t even want to take a car with me.

I thought you’d like it.
He’s on the second floor. He’s got to the elevator.

You can use it or walk it.

I could have climbed up.

The building’s on the side of the road.

I was able to find it easily, too.

This is the Gumi Massage course.

There’s a variety of things prepared.

We’re also taking care of our feet.

distributed across the soles of the feet and the calves of the feet

It’s a reflex that’s causing blood circulation.

Accelerate to release waste and toxins.

They’re going to order it.

The feet are full of five, six parts.

There’s a saying that it’s a place.

Stimulating your feet and taking care of your feet.

If you’re willing to accept all kinds of diseases,

I heard you can defend yourself in advance.
When I walked into the entrance, I found a hand sanitizer

It was provided, so I used it quickly.

This is the traditional Chinese 마사지 Gumi Massage.

So that they can get care.

It’s all made up of Chinese.

You have more than 10 years of experience.

It’s a professional massage.

I went to Qingdao last time, and I had a massage.

I’ve received it before, and I’ve received it in my life.

I had the best memory of it.

I’m looking forward to it again.

There’s a lot of courses in place.

I’d like to have a warm foot bath.

Sports full-body massage and

Back aromatherapy, lastly steaming.

You can get foot care all at once.

We’re proceeding with the A course.

So to get on the course like this, basically, you’re going to be able to get

I’m supposed to think of over 100,000 won.

It’s a cash discount of 50,000 won.

I thought it was reasonable and cheap.

When I get out of my clothes, the supervisor says,

They’re taking in warm water.

He was preparing a foot bath.

I usually have cold hands and feet.

When you get foot care, your blood circulation goes down.

I think it’s a little bit better.

It’s essential to take a foot bath when you’re in care.

I used to get it, but after I got it right,

I think my feet are getting cold.

The supervisor’s touch is really…

Just press down on the soft and pressing areas.

You’re pressing it, but we’re going to get you going.

It didn’t start, but I’m still looking forward to it.

It’s starting to get crazy.

After the foot bath is over, the maintenance is complete.

I was taken to the maintenance office before I went in.

In the case of the Gumi Massage Shop,

There’s a single room and a four-bedroom room.

You can go with your parents and friends.

Mt. Geumo is right in front of you.

After climbing the mountain with a unique date,

It’s a date course that relieves fatigue.

I thought it would be perfect.

And the good thing is that if you get a tie,

I have to lie on the floor, so my chest.

I used to have a stomachache.

The traditional Chinese way is to lie in bed

It’s easy to get and when you massage your back.

My face hurts when I lie down for a long time.

I was able to receive it comfortably because it wasn’t.

I’ve been sick with my boyfriend.

We visited together and were shown to a double room.

It was a pleasant and neat arrangement.

They said all the bedding was disinfected.

Like you said, it was clean.

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