I was able to use it comfortably while giving it a massage.


What do you usually do when you take care of your skin?

Do you think it’s the hardest?

I find it really hard to take care of the chapped skin.

It wasn’t that bad back then.

It used to be light pink.

It’s different since I’ve gained a lot of weight.

I thought it was disgusting because I tend to get red.

There’s a lot of pregnant friends around me.

I’m using it because I heard that they’re going to put on a lot of body lotion for pregnant women!

In fact, it’s not like you’re suddenly gaining weight.

When changes occur quickly in the body, such as pregnancy

I tend to get chapped naturally.

But depending on how you manage this,

It’s different from how much you have left you after giving birth.

If it’s not properly maintained, then it’s time to grow old.

They say the effects often remain intact.

I was worried. I needed to take care of myself.

There are some people who manage it the way they exercise.

It’s too late to move your body big.

Even those who say it wasn’t appropriate and dangerous,

Instead of thinking about it, we’re going to do something else.

I’m supposed to find out and choose, but I think that’s skin care!

I know it’s good to put lotion on your chapped skin.

I’ve been using my usual product.

These days, there are a lot of massage as well.Yes, sir.

Among the products recommended for pregnant women’s body lotion,

of a 인천 스웨디시 vioga that is mild and widely used.

I was supposed to choose the product, but it worked for me.

I don’t know if I’ve changed my constitution, but when I put on my old one,

I was embarrassed because it stings and hurts, but it didn’t feel like that.

I’ll massage the pregnant woman.

It felt like the area was getting moist and it was getting better.

In case of chapped skin, it’s better to take care of it early on.

They said it was better than taking care of it in the latter half.

As soon as I found a good product, I bought it.

Some people say they don’t put it on and just leave it on.

For me, he’s very ugly, and it looks like he is.

I hated it because it felt bad and gross.

It’s not just the difference between being and not being.

It was a matter of losing self-esteem.

You don’t just put on lotion.

Like a pregnant woman massaging.

I’m applying it while I’m warm.

Use it on the chapped part of your skin as if you’re rubbing it gently.

I feel like I’m getting loose around it.

Of course, people have different constitution and different skin conditions.

Maybe the product I said I liked doesn’t fit.

But it’s okay, and the price doesn’t weigh that much.

It’s a product, so you can massage it comfortably.

I could have used it.

Before the winter season, I’m going to try new lotion products.

I thought I had to buy it.

I’m thinking about what to buy.

I was worried, and they all looked similar.

The ingredients inside aren’t professionals.

I didn’t know what was good, I didn’t know the additives.

This product doesn’t have that in it.

I use it every day, but I feel comfortable.

It was recommended for pregnant women’s body lotion.

I don’t know if that’s the case, but the synthetic flavoring inside

I was relieved that it wasn’t in there.

I don’t know what it’s like to have a child.

I don’t know. I’m not sure if I’m going to get a problem

I think it’s a good idea to block it.

When you apply it, you get a lot of trouble.

It doesn’t feel right, so I keep using it.

It’s a fragrant product, and the ingredients are good, so be safe.

I think I can use it consistently.

I’ve looked at how others use it.

Not only adults, but also children.

It’s a body lotion that I use more often.

It was natural to know that he was that gentle.

It’s not an artificial amount, it’s a natural scent.

I like it because it doesn’t mix much with other products.

The strong products of the river, they come together.

It’s also common to smell very strange!

I hate this stuff because it smells so bad.

I was able to use it comfortably in that area.

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