If you’ve tried baby massage oils, you’ll all know.

Daejeon Male Massage – Apgujeong Swedish
The last shop I will introduce is Apgujeong Swedish located in Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu. In addition to 대전 스웨디시 Sweetsima Saji and Schurmassaji, this shop is famous for its emotional therapy. With years of know-how and excellent care for Korean massage paramedics who have gone through the therapy curriculum, they are very satisfied. It is located near Exit 8 of Daejeon City Hall Station and can be parked in the building, so you should contact them in advance.

The program is divided into three types of emotional suede. Course A is priced at 80,000 won per 40 minutes, course B at 100,000 won per 60 minutes, and course C at 150,000 won per 90 minutes. The business hours are from noon to 4 a.m. and are open 365 days a year, so you can visit on a day off.

It’s a terrace. You opened the folding door.

There’s a cool breeze coming in.

The mountain view in front of me was amazing~!

This alone is already healing!

For a moment, it’s like you’re in an open-air bath.

with a feeling

Go back to the control room.

We’re going to have a full-fledged body massage time.^^

head, neck, shoulders, back, waist around the back

You’re letting me go.

Soft ginger oil and soft acupressure skills

It was really comfortable and nice.

And the sound of birds singing, the sound of waves, etc.

The sound of nature keeps coming out.

in a languid state of mind

It felt like my stress was relieved!

I don’t know when 60 minutes have passed.

After an hour of care,

It’s so refreshing. I feel like I want it every day and night.

Pyeongchon Massage Management, which was completely satisfactory,

after it’s all over

It’s a real body and mind that relaxes relaxed.

It was so easy! 🙂

Since it’s winter these days, I pack my jacket when I go out with my child.

I’m really worried about catching a cold, but when my kid comes back from the cold air,

My skin has become so sensitive that I feel a lot of flushing and itching on my face.

In my case, my child has had skin since he was a child.

It’s dry, so I always apply lotion or moisturizing cream.

I bought an extra baby oil for my kid.

I think we can use it for baby massage oil.

When I came out of my clothes,

He gave me a cup of tea.

Nature’s comfort,


stress relief


The things Spy Duhm is looking for.

I felt it all on this day.^^

One of the programs is called The With Soulmate.

There was a program where lovers, family, and friends were together.

It would be great if my mom and I could come and get it. It made me think! 🙂

My child’s skin is sensitive and dry.

I’ve used a lot of good products for the skin on the market.

Most of the time, I was disappointed because there wasn’t much good.

But this time, I found Ho-Ho-Mi in the Mom cafe.

In the case of baby massage oil,

People around me have a good reputation for buying, and my real acquaintances also have a good.

I bought it because I heard it’s useful.

Most of all, it’s very moisturizing.

They don’t ask, they don’t have too much stickiness.

It was so soft and nice to use.

I sometimes use oil to massage kids.

He does it for me, and he really likes it.

I want to charge it and come here often. Here you go.

Baegun Lake Spa Duhm

in all-time facilities and services

It was a very satisfying review of Pyeongchon Massage.

Next time, I’m feeling a little tired.

When you want to get away from the crowded city centre for a while,

I will visit you when I need healing!

If you’ve tried baby massage oils, you’ll all know.

In the case of oil, if you use it regularly, it’s skin.

It’s so soft and it’s so nice.

The reason why I’m recommending this product to you guys is because it’s not easy.

95% of this product is organic.

The rest of the ingredients are natural.

It’s harmless. It’s really mild.

European dog cancer seed oil made of moist ingredients.

I’m using it as the main ingredient.

They say it’s good for moisturizing and balancing oil and moisture

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