I’ve been to a lot of places, but I’ve never felt anything right away.

Recently, my shoulders and neck have been so stiff that I feel uncomfortable even when I sleep without feeling refreshed.

Just a little turn of my head hurt and I heard a sound.

So I went to Oksu-dong, famous for its pain healing massage!

Unlike regular massage, it is a massage that focuses on the sore area and heals it!

I walked straight up from Oksu 마사지사이트 Station.-

The entrance is like this, and it says pain care.

For those who have chronic headaches like me, I hope you go!

When I first checked, I had a lot of reviews from my male teacher, so I asked if there was a female teacher and made a reservation as a female teacher:)

I couldn’t get enough of a massage for a male teacher was uncomfortable. ᅮᅮ)

First of all, the store has a long experience!

It’s like a good restaurant!
The clothes are also neatly prepared:)
This is where I was massaged.

I love being sensitive to corona because it’s a single room:)

When I was getting a massage, both my teacher and I wore masks!

I’ve changed into this:)

First of all, they asked me where I was sick, so I said my shoulders, neck, and pelvis hurt, and I felt foggy even when I slept.-

And the teacher was touching my shoulder and pelvis, and he touched my shoulder and neck, and he was so surprised that it was more lumpy than his professional massage shoulder. It’s like a 50-something lump in the shoulder. She said that she doesn’t feel refreshed because she can’t keep her blood flowing even if she sleeps.ㅜㅜ

And it hurt a lot when I started the massage.

After a few minutes, I was able to bear it?

And even my brain felt so refreshed!

My shoulder and neck hurt more than my pelvis, so I focused on it, and when I came out, the stuffiness in my shoulder was relieved. It’s really amazing…

My teacher told me that I need to solve this problem because it doesn’t have to be here, so I have to get it regularly or ask my family to give me a massage.

I’m preparing for my wedding, so I’m planning on getting a prescription brand, so I won’t be able to get a regular massage, but I’m going to visit you once like this! You should really go here. It’s a new world.

I’ve been to many places so far, but it’s the first time I’ve ever felt an effect right away.

This is the double room next to you!

Couple massage, it’s good when you get a massage with your mom:)

When I was doing it, he was getting one from here!

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