I was thinking 88카 about a proven used car

Hello~! I was looking for Mercedes-Benz certified cars, and I finally got the estimate for the new car and proceeded with E-Class. ~!

I’ve been riding the Grandeur, and I’ve been thinking about using the Mercedes, so I’ve been looking at the entry wall.

There was a Mercedes-Benz certification van, so I had a lease consultation with your agent.

It wasn’t as cheap as I thought.

So I asked them, and they said it’s because the price is high, but I calculated it.

New car-class cars are about the same price as new cars.

So I got a new car lease consultation instead of a Mercedes-Benz certified middle and high school car, but it was cheaper…

So I thought maybe I should just give up and go to a used car.

My friends kept telling me that I didn’t go to Benz Jungo Salva, so I was going crazy.

So lastly, I came to this cafe to talk to Mr. Seo.

You asked me if I had any estimates, so I went to the dealership and got a rental estimate and a new car estimate for the Mercedes-Benz certification.

I asked him why it’s so expensive, and he said it’s because interest rates are so high when we use the Mercedes’s capital.

The dealers just say it’s because the price of the Mercedes-Benz 88카 vehicles is high.

They say we have to sell it using our capital somehow to make a lot of money.

So I asked Seo for an estimate for the new car and the monthly payment was much cheaper than the discount.

So I asked him if there was such a big difference in interest rates.

Since the price of the car is not low, the difference in interest rates by 1 percent will change the monthly payment.

As I got the estimate, I asked you to proceed as it is because it is no different from Mercedes-Benz’s mid-term approval. ~!

Assistant Manager Seo requested an evaluation as a company that can be approved.

After getting approval, I’m waiting with a down payment of 1 million won to Benz. ~

I’ve always had triangles in my mind, but I’ve been trying to placate them with a Mercedes-Benz certification.

I’m meeting Mr. Seo, and I’m just about to sign a contract for a car.

Feels like I’m going to cry when a new car comes out.

The last time I visited this cafe on the Internet without having to proceed with the Mercedes-Benz certification was a great opportunity

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